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Capital Scandal
Number of Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Synopsis (via DramaWiki): This drama is set in the 1930's when Korea was under the rule of Japan. Na Yeo Kyeong was the owner of a book store and she was also a freedom fighter. Seon Woo Wan was the playboy son of a rich family and he became involved in the independence movement through a bet with his co-workers to win Na Yeo Kyeong's heart. His father paid for the education of his worker's son, Lee Soo Hyeon, and was disappointed to find him working for the Security Branch of the Japanese government. Cha Song Joo was a famous gisaeng who ran a high class brothel.

Let me introduce you to our characters:

This is our heroine, Na Yeo Kyeong. She runs a bookstore with her mother and also teaches at night for children. On the weekends, she does things like write letters for the illiterate.  She is also staunchly anti-Japanese and pretty conservative to boot. Nothing frivolous for Yeo Kyeong, no sir. She has more important things to do, like trying to be a freedom fighter for one. She's also teeny-tiny but packs a ferocious punch...

And without further ado...let me introduce...

Our hero, Seon Woo Wan. And yes, he's drinking tea with his pinky sticking out.

Woo Wan is above everything else, a apathetic rich playboy. He definitely dislikes the Japanese but he's not going to do anything about it. But it all changes when he bets that he can make any girl fall in love with him and his friends (a trio of hilarious tabloid journalists) suggest Yeo Kyeong....A drunk Wan boasts that he can turn her into a "proper" lady. You who'll drink a frilly pink umbrella drink. Needless to say they butt heads and his work isn't exactly easy...

Yup. She has him at gunpoint....I'm really trying to be spoiler-free so I won't say how this came about, I'm evil, I know.

And speaking of guns.....there is a revolution afoot....

This is Cha Song Joo who epitomizes badass....she's a courtesan who pretty much oozes grace, beauty, and all that jazz. She could also kill you with her thumbnail....

Here's our secondary guy -- Lee Soo Hyeon. He works for the Security Branch and thereby sides with the Japanese. That doesn't go over well for a lot of people. Again, I'm trying to say spoiler-free......

Did I mention that the fashion in this drama is....AWESOME (sometimes this could mean awesomly horrible but not quite of Rain-proportions or even Hanadan's...Maybe it's just cause Wan can seriously work a fedora like nobody's business). I mean, 1930s, how can you go wrong?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

What makes Capital Scandal really great is that it's not your typical kdrama in that there's not heaping piles of drama. It's hilarious AND it will break your heart without making you want to kill yourself. The usual bits are here either. There's no love triangle...there's no "bad parent"....the secondary girl and guy are actually likable. The production value is high and the acting is top-notch.

I hope that this interests some of you! It's really one of my favorites of all time and I have barely expressed to you how perfect this drama is.'s a nomination! =D

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