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Nominations Post

Hey guys! We're going to do things a little differently than first intended. This particular nomination post will be for a show to replace Love Shuffle, rather than all the shows you want to watch ever. So, just keep in mind that we're probably going to be watching this one faster.

So here's the deal:
1) Nominate the shows you want to watch here!
2) From now, until May 31th, it's be Pimp Post/Picspam Week! Got a show you want to sell people on? Well if you feel so inclined, you can come and post a little pimp post and/or picspam telling everyone why that show is awesome and we should watch it next!
3) After that, we'll close nominations and put up a poll of our show choices. Also we're planning to have a poll about the watching speed, if case you guys want to change things up. If not, we'll continue at two eps a week. Hopefully we can get that settled in a few days and start a new show on June 4th. If we need a little more time, we'll wait until the 7th.

Sounds good? Any suggestions? Alright, nominate away! :D
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