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Discussion Post: Arashi Side Story

Okay, so maybe discussion isn't quite the right word for this but what were your reactions, people who watched? All the hair was excellent right? And the neon yellow-and-green satin gang jackets? And the dancing? Hee, I hope you got even a fraction of the entertainment value I did from this. With Arashi (well, 3/5ths of Arashi) and Toma in a musical there was pretty much nothing that could dampened my enjoyment of this.

For anyone who just wants the highlights, I'm about to post a picspam of the best parts (read: the hair and the dancing). It might wind up being on my lj though, since my layout is more forgiving of huge graphics. (ETA: There's a link in the comments of this post now.)

I hope you had fun with this random bit of silliness! :D
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