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Welcome to Dorama Watch!

Okay guys, I know I'm not the only one who's always loved the idea of watching Asian dramas along with other people! This comm is the result of many conversations that have been kicking around my own flist. As fun as it is to pick from a million different shows and marathon Asian dramas, we miss out on squeeing about them at the same time. So over here, we'll be watching both new(-ish) dramas and old classics on a set schedule. We hope you'll come watch or rewatch along with us!

The profile lays out a lot about this comm but I'll go over it here too:

Currently we're going to be airing two dramas at a time, one at two episodes a week and another at one episode a week. You're free to follow one or both. That means new episodes of one show on Sundays and Thursdays and an ep of the other on Tuesdays. However, we may switch this up depending on how fast comm members like to watch!

When we finish a show, we'll take a poll to see what people want to watch next. Nominations for the next show(s) will be open continuously.

(We're starting off with two shows your mods wanted to watch/rewatch so we can get our feet wet! :D)

Posting Guidelines
1) On each new episode day, we'll be putting up a general discussion/squeeing/thoughts post for everyone to chat about that episode. If there's interest, we can also do some live-chat viewings of episodes.

2) You're welcome to post anything and everything you want about the current dramas we're watching. Icons, picspams, links to your old thoughts on an episode, it's all fair game. It's awesome if it's specific to that week's episodes but it's doesn't have to be. However when we switch what we're watching, it's time to stop posting about our previous ones. :D

3) All we ask is that you clearly mark all SPOILERS and put the spoilerly content behind a cut. Anything past the episode we're currently watching should be considered a spoiler. Please be considerate of your fellow fans who may be watching the show for the first time!

Now Showing:

Sundays and Thursdays:
Love Shuffle

Nodame Cantabile

Who are 'we'?
Your mods are me topazera and the awesome mojotastic. Any questions and/or suggestions for the comm can be directed to us, either in the comments of this post or a PM. :D
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