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Nodame Cantabile Episode 1 Screencaps

Hey guys! Since Nodame is a rewatch for me, that means I already have some resources to share. If you're feeling inspired to make any fanwork, I thought I'd upload my personal screencaps of the first episode:

Nodame Cantabile Ep 1 Caps @ MegaUp
Number of Caps: 755
Image Size: 704x396
File Format: PNG
File Size: 221 MB
Notes: These are from the raw copy, so there aren't any subs on them. :)
Sample Caps:

Please credit topazera @ dorama_watch if you happen to use them to make something. That way people can find the caps and find the comm! Also, because I'm maybe a little crazy and definitely way picky, I don't use any automated capping and do them all manually so it's a little time-consuming to produce. :D
Tags: drama: nodame cantabile, resource: screencaps

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