October 29th, 2009

Movie/Special Suggestion & Selection Post: Halloween Movie Marathon Edition

Ok! So we've been sort of lacking with movie weekends. But this weekend they return! With a vengeance! Since this is Halloweekend we thought it would be fun to do a theme movie weekend! And have the theme be a Scary Movie Marathon!

Since Asian horror movies are so scary, it seemed like the perfect time to watch some scary movies. What better time than Halloween right?

You can suggest as many movies as you want as long as they are all horror/scary/creepy movies that fit the Halloween theme. Please give each movie suggestion a separate comment. Though I'll probably err on the side of assuming you're throwing your support in for a movie, please put VOTE or something similar in the subject line.

Since we're doing a marathon format we'll pick the three/four most voted for movies and put up individual discussion posts for them. You can watch all the creepy/awesome horror movies or just one! It will be fun, spooky times.

This post will be open until Friday night at midnight!