September 3rd, 2009

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'Smaller' Show Voting: Final Round!

Time for the final round of voting! Come contribute to our next pick! :)

Please select your first, second, and third choices here. The votes will be weighted, so yes all three picks matter! Please make sure not to vote for the same show in more than one place though or I'll have to discount your vote! If you don't want to vote for more than first place, I believe you can leave second and third blank! :)

In case you need a refresher on the choices, I'll repost the brief descriptions from the last round before the poll:
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'Smaller' Drama Voting:
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This polls will be up for a little longer since I'm posting in the middle of the night. It'll be about two and a half days, closing Saturday at 4pm Thanks again for sharing your opinions in the nominating and voting process! We'd get nowhere without you. <3