September 1st, 2009

FH: Behold the power of a smooth chest!

'Smaller' Show Voting: First Round!

Okay, we only need to narrow the field down by four, damn lj constraints! Well I always think it's fun to see what shows have the most support initially anyway. Remember, after this round we'll do the final voting!

In this poll, you can vote for as many shows as you desire. The fifteen shows that get the most votes move on to the next round. This poll will be open for a little less than two days this time, so it closes at 11 pm on Wednesday.

First, a little introduction to the shows nominated. Descriptions pulled from the nominators in this post (which you should check out because there are PICTURES) and the info at DramaWiki. Thanks again guys for taking the time to write descriptions everyone!

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ALSO: Picspams are still open during voting, if you want to give people a nudge towards your show of choice!