July 23rd, 2009

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Voting: Final Round!

Time for the final round of voting in both categories: picking a 'classic' drama and a 'smaller' drama! I know it's a lot of voting to navigate at once but I hope you'll come register your opinion!

Also, I didn't bother go to and collect descriptions for the 'classic' dramas since I figured most people have at least heard a little about them but let me know if you needed them in the comments. Descriptions of the smaller dramas can be found here at the last round of voting.

Please select your first, second, and third choices here. The votes will be weighted, so yes all three picks matter! Please make sure not to vote for the same show in more than one place though or I'll have to discount your vote! If you don't want to vote for more than first place, I believe you can leave second and third blank! :)

'Smaller' Drama Voting:
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'Classic' Drama Voting:
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Again, these polls will be up for two days so they will close sometime Saturday night. I'm so specific I know, just try to get your votes in before it gets too late. Thanks for participating in the process again! I'm really so happy that people are playing along and I hope everyone winds up with one show they'd like to watch! :D

Movie/Special Suggestion & Selection Post

One more post as it's movie time! Hopefully since we're between shows at the moment, they'll be plenty of time for movie-watching! :) As always, come to this post to both suggest and vote for our movie of the weekend. It's helpful to do either!

What do movies do you think everyone needs to see? Any small gems you want more people to get in on or something that needs to be seen to be believed? Movies that have caught your eye but you haven't seen yet?

You can suggest as many movies as you want (though keep in mind that you can save them for future posts!), just please give each movie suggestion a separate comment. Though I'll probably err on the side of assuming you're throwing your support in for a movie, please put VOTE or something similar in the subject line. Feel free to just post the same movies as last time!

This post will be open until tomorrow (Friday) night!