July 21st, 2009

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'Smaller' Show Voting: First Round!

Alright, sorry for the delay guys! Real life, pfft. Now because we already have less than 15 'classic' dramas, we first need to narrow down the field of 'smaller' dramas. After this round, we'll do the final voting for both!

In this poll, you can vote for as many shows as you desire. The fifteen shows that get the most votes move on to the next round. This poll will be open for two days, so it closes at 5:30 pm on Thursday.

First, a little introduction to the shows nominated. Descriptions pulled from the nominators in this post and the info at DramaWiki. Thanks guys, I hope you don't mind that we borrowed your words!

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ALSO: Picspams are still open during voting, if you want to give people a nudge towards your show of choice!
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Discussion Post: Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe Night 2

It's time guys! We're finally finishing Nodame Cantabile! And I'm getting preemptively nostalgic. We had some good times Nodame, and I will miss you! Well at least until 2010. :)

Again, if you don't have time to watch a movie-length special tonight, don't worry about it! This post will still be here on the weekend. They'll be one more little Nodame Wrap Up post this week and then we'll be on to the new selections (whatever they may be)! :D

Nodame Cantabile
Shinshun Special in Europe
(のだめカンタービレ 新春スペシャル IN ヨーロッパ)
Night 2
嵐: Aiba Masaki's face is stuck in :D!

Pimp Post: Lunch no Joou/Queen of Lunch

Okay guys, I think Lunch no Joou needs a little of my time and attention! However, I don't actually know much about the show as I've never seen it before and don't want to spoil myself with too much Googling about it. So I present:

Lunch no Joou:

Takeuchi Yuko, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Yamapi and Eita all working as chefs on a line! Takeuchi Yuko is the female chef (or something? IDK!) that comes and shakes up "Kitchen Macaroni" (as it's named even though they're famous for their omelette lunch?)

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how accurately (or terribly inaccurately) this represents the show! I have not seen even a minute of it! But I think it's going to be good and here's why:

1) Everyone in it is both pretty and likable! Also kind of quirky?
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