July 17th, 2009

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Nodame Cantabile Wrap Up: Media Post

Nodame Cantabile Wrap Up
Part 1: Media Post

Well guys, here's part of my own little Nodame Festival for you! I've attempted to round up all the "bonus features" for Nodame Cantabile I could find. I'm afraid that I didn't have many resources for subs but there are a few subbed cast appearances!

Behind the Scenes Specials (both unsubbed)
BtS SP for the Series [44 min, 640 MB] In seven parts @ Mediafire
(Uploaded by topazera)
Introduces the series with a good amount of footage from the show. It has short interviews with the all the actors talking about their characters (though there's also more of Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi), footage of the Nodame Orchestra performing and filming the gag scenes and some behind the scenes. In particular: at 23:10 there's footage of Ueno Juri practicing her piano and right after that Tamaki Hiroshi conducting which was very cool! Also, there's apparently a Nodame Café in Harajuku? And they show the real music school they filmed at. Without subs, it's probably more of a watch for hard-core Nodame fans. ;)

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I hope you enjoyed some of extras! If you have anything that isn't listed here, please link us in the comments and I'll add it the post (with credit, of course!). ALSO, I know that the currently offline S-Projects soft-subbed the Bistro SMAP appearance and maybe more, so if anyone happens to have those subs, I'd be grateful for the hook up! Please leave a comment if you're downloading, this post took a bit of scouring. Cheers! ♥

Edit: Reupped 2013.02.04 :)