June 4th, 2009

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Voting: Final Round!

Hey all! I meant to get this up yesterday but c'est la vie! We're down to the top fifteen shows, thanks for giving your input! Now we can pick what we want to watch in earnest. So, please select your first, second, and third choices here. The votes will be weighted, so yes all three picks matter! Please make sure not to vote for the same show in more than one place though or I'll have to discount your vote! :)

NOTE: Since the last poll about how the comm should be set up was unanimous, from now on we're going to use one slot (currently going at once-a-week) to watch "classic" or more popular dramas and the other slot (twice-a-week or the one we're voting on now!) to watch smaller, less popular shows. As we've already started voting: if a really well-known show wins, we'll watch it twice a week until we finish Nodame and then it'll be switched to the once-a-week slot. I hope that's alright with everyone! Keep that in mind if you have your heart set on a show, it'll only be a few weeks until we pick something else.

A little info about your choices:
(All titles link to DramaWiki!)

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Again, this poll will be up for two days so it will close Saturday at Whenever I Get Home that Night. Thanks for following along with this whole process! :D