June 1st, 2009

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Voting: Round 1

Okay, time for the first round of voting! For those of you that don't know (which included me last week!) lj polls only allow fifteen options. We want to let you choose your first, second and third picks to get a better reflection of what's popular but before we can do that, the field has to be narrowed to fifteen.

In this poll, you can vote for as many shows as you desire. The fifteen shows that get the most votes move on to the next round. This poll will be open for two days, so it closes at 4pm on Wednesday.

If you aren't familiar with all these shows and want to learn more, DramaWiki is your friend! I'd also encourage you to check out the comments on the nomination post, as a lot of people summed up why they're interested in the shows they nominated!

And we're off! Voting:
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A 'State of the Community' Post + Two more polls for you!

Hey guys! I thought since we've finished our first show and now have a better idea of how this comm works, we should have a State of the Union Community post. Especially before we commit ourselves to the next show. So, feel free to weigh in with a comment on this post if you have any general suggestions or comments. Of course, opinions will vary so your ideas might not be instituted.

Two things I'd like people's thoughts on!
In discussing the next show we're going to watch, I mentioned that I think of the slower, once-a-week slot as the place to watch/rewatch "classic" dramas and the faster, twice-a-week slot as the place to watch smaller/less popular dramas that a lot of people won't have seen yet. Although it's a subjective distinction, hopefully that would mean that we wouldn't wind up with two "rewatch" (or at least popular) shows for the majority of people.
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There's been interest in doing some movie-watching here (which I'm whole-heartedly behind!). Personally, I've been thinking we could watch a movie two weekends out of each month.
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NOTICE: I think that people should be allowed to pimp/picspam during voting too! A lot of people may be unfamiliar with these shows and looking for more info anyway. So, you're welcome to keep posting picspams/gifspams/pimp posts while we deliberate!