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PIMP POST: ToGetHer/Superstar Express

I watched ToGetHer (which I remain confused about how to pronounce - Together? To Get Her? Both?), and I think this comm would enjoy it royally!

I made a picspam of the first ep - just for you!

A woman in love with a cardboard cutout

I also have several picspams of other stuff in ToGetHer:
The scene in episode two where my mouth dropped open in shock (SPOILERS!)
Jiro's stupid face compels you! (NO SPOILERS EXCEPT FOR JIRO'S STUPID)
A piggyback ride (MINOR SPOILERS)
TOUCHING! OMG, it's like two people might actually like each other! (RANDOM SPOILERS FOR THE WHOLE SERIES)
Very mature boys and a competition for LOVE (MINOR SPOILERS)
Tags: fanwork: picspam/pimp post

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