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Nominations Post: 'Smaller' Dramas

Hey guys! We've come again to the time when we need to pick new shows for dorama_watch! I hope you're ready to get your nominations in again, we're going to sort them slightly differently this time! This is the post you should use for the show you want to replace My Boss My Hero, where you post your smaller dramas. It'll be the faster running show.

So here's the deal:
1) Nominate any show with a smaller fanbase, any show that may not have been seen, any show that's isn't as well-known here! Of course, this is all subjective so there's a chance your show might get swapped to the other category if the mods disagree.
2) From now until the close of voting, it'll be Pimp Post/Picspam Week! Got a show you want to sell people on? Well if you feel so inclined, you can come and post a little pimp post and/or picspam telling everyone why that show is awesome and we should watch it next!
3)Nominations close and voting will go up July 19th.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Alright, nominate away! :D
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