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Movie/Special Suggestion & Selection Post

Whew, okay, last post for the day I swear! Now we all need to benefit from the comm's collective movie watching experience! What do movies do you think everyone needs to see? Any small gems you want more people to get in on or something that needs to be seen to be believed? Movies that have caught your eye but you haven't seen yet? Come share your suggestions with us or just be here to second the movie picks!

You can suggest as many movies as you want (though keep in mind that you can save them for future posts!), just please give each movie suggestion a separate comment. And since people might want to chat about movies without voting for them, I'd appreciate if you threw "Yay!" or Yea!" or "Seconded", something to that effect, in the subject line when you're voting.

This post will be open until tomorrow at 10 pm!
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